do or do not; there is no try.

Audio, video, disco

I love science and I often write about it. However, what really excites me is the process of writing fantasy novels. I am not good at writing, but I trully enjoy the freedom it gives me to create my own worlds. There are rules governing those worlds, and unlike those in the real world they all make sense to me. Also, I find it thrilling to create characters that explore different perspectives from those I am bounded to, or that preserve the memory of events that I have experienced. At the present, I am working on a trilogy, entitled: The awakening, Master of two worlds, and Hope and prophecy.

Another hobby that I like is drawing. Recently, I have spent more time with my drawings because I am using them as illustrations in my books.

Research Work

I am interested in the development of a multidisciplinary design theory and methods that explore the user interaction with visual representations of data to maximize creativity and overall user experience. The objective of my reasearch is to study new interactive techniques that not only enable an efficient exploration of complex data (e.g. reducing cognitive information overload, increasing interaction intuitiveness, stimulate creativity and insights, etc.), but also act naturally on humans.

Valley of dead bits

In the past years, I have hacked a few apps for a number of different purposes (e.g. competitions, educational courses and events). Here you can find the survivors to two decades of time erosion.

Stay in touch

feel free to contact me if you have something to say!

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